Thursday, July 01, 2004

And I thought this blogging thing would never catch on!

Did some surfing last night and ran into the blog of a couple of friends of mine I met through the civic group Metropolis St. Louis. One blog had links to other blogs started by other friends of mine from Metropolis.

If I can figure out how to link to them, I'll do that, plus I'll also see if I can get them to link to me. Anyone wanna tell me how to do it?

Also found out something interesting as well - Michael Moore's latest film, Fahrenheit 9/11, is playing right here in good old Charleston!

Yea! I can go see the film WITHOUT having to drive up to downtown Champaign! Gonna go see it this weekend - and thank the manager of the place for having the courage to show it!

Better let some folks I know it's down here as well if they want to come down and see it. Too bad there's not a more organized progressive community here in Chucktown like there is in C-U. I think the poltiics around here tend to be rightist, so far as I can tell - not atypical for the townies in a smaller college town like Charleston.

Of course, a full review will be coming soon - details as they become available!