Tuesday, July 20, 2004

You get some unusual colors in a tornado...

We had a pretty big storm pass through town last week - tornadoes, heavy rain, lightning, thunder - everything the weather can pound on central Illinois in the summer.
I had some inkling something was up listening to the radio on my to work last Tuesday. There were reports of tornadoes on the ground, large hail, high winds, things like that. I figured if it was in Bloomington and Champaign, it'd soon make its' way to Charleston-Mattoon.
Boy, was I right.
As the storm clouds gathered, all the folks I work with went outside to check things out. I joined them - man, what a sight! All sorts of strange colors in the sky, dark rotating clouds right over us (with some very good rotation, I might add), even the sounds of a funnel cloud (the familiar fright train sound) in the distance.
Frightening, yet fascinating at the same time. I'd NEVER seen anything like this before. I've had a childhood phobia about tornadoes that must have continued on into adulthood, yet at the same time, it's so fascinating to watch.
I remember an article in Playboy about 20-some odd years ago about storm chasers. I think the premise for the story was that tornadoes are Mother Nature's way of saying "up yours!"
I don't know if I'd go THAT far, but it was fascinating to watch.


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